the age of ‘adult’

why is it so hard to make friends when you’re an adult? I use the term adult lightly, by the way. I have absolutely no self discipline when it comes to my bed time. My laundry seems to always be in the dryer (if it makes it there from the washer). dishes seem to fill the sink during the work week and pretty much all of my bills are on auto-pay, #becauselife. It’s no wonder I might need someone to manage my social life.

working a full-time job, remembering to feed myself and walk the dog, and quite frankly – feed the dog, work out and do other normal adult things can prove to be difficult. Don’t even get me started on those of you with little ones running around (how do you do it?)

there comes a point in all of our lives in our late 20’s when we think – “wait a minute, this isn’t what I signed up for! I want my money back.” I think I’m entering into that shocking territory.

now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my life for the most part. I have a challenging career. I thrive on structure when it comes to my diet so I’ve enlisted the help of a professional to make sure I stay on track to meet my personal health goals (shout to you Julie Booher!) I have an amazing best friend I get to call my boyfriend. A wonderful pup who loves me unconditionally. There’s just one thing that always gets put on the back burner: a social life. 🤷‍♀️

working a lot on my career as well as my side hustle can take a lot of energy out of me so it’s tough to put forth effort in relationships outside of those – but it’s necessary. an identity should be formed and maintained outside of a full time job, so for the next few months I’m making this a priority.

remember to re-evaluate what brings joy to your life often. reassess these activities, the people that help aid in that happiness and relinquish any guilt you feel in reorganizing your social life. remember that some people are here for a season, and some are here for a lifetime, and it’s not up to you to change why or when. go with love and good intentions with it all.

peace, love & reevaluation,

xo, hbj


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