social media + other drugs

social media – ah, social media. man, i’ll tell you – social media has been such an amazing distraction in my life but it has also been such a negative. i find myself comparing those in my peer groups to myself, often. you know, the ones that seem to have it all figured out. they’ve got the husband or the wife. they’ve got the newly built home, or maybe a prebuilt home they’ve just bought in general. maybe one of those fixer uppers you see on hgtv. maybe they’ll work on it together as a labor of love. you can just picture the instagram hashtags now. #firsthome #fixerupper #shiplap they’ve got the baby on the way with the white picket fence and the christmas trips in aspen and the vacations in bora bora. they’ve got their master’s degrees and they’ve got their big families with virtually no drama (is that even a thing?). they only eat paleo and they’ve got abs of steel, making it to the gym five times a week while you’re barely making it once or twice. they. must. have. found. the. secret. to. life, huh? they must truly have it all down and you’re the only one there, watching from the sidelines, thinking to yourself – crap, how did i get so far behind?

wanna hear the truth?
(you haven’t.)

you are right where you are supposed to be.
right here. right here in this very moment.

you may be feeling a little inadequate. you might be feeling like you don’t measure up.
you might feel as though you will never get ‘there’.

but where is ‘there’ and have you even stopped to decide why you might want ‘it’ at all?
is it right for YOU?
do you feel that when you get ‘there’ that you will finally find the secret to life?
will you finally have it all figured out?

the truth is most of us are trying to figure it all out. the majority of us do not have it all together. we’re all just trying to make it day in and day out and just because one person may seemingly have it together based off the statuses they post on facebook or the tweets they wit off in 140 characters or less does not mean they do. just the same – these folks nine times out of ten have worked insanely hard to build that new home or to finally feel financially ready enough to bring a new life in the world.

social media has this way of encouraging the highlight reels of our lives. very few people want to share negative news, and why would they? i get that. but it is incredibly naive to think that everyone in your newsfeed is enjoying a careless, free-spirited, perfectly planned out life. there will always be bumps in everyone’s road. life is messy, and that’s okay. it’s more fun that way.

if you’re feeling less-than in this moment, or yesterday, or a month ago or maybe in a week from now – read this: you are perfectly imperfect in every single way. you are strong, you are capable. and you are worth it. never doubt your worthiness based on other’s success. instead, congratulate them, wish them well and kick ass on your own goals. congratulate yourself when those goals are accomplished and encourage the cycle for those around you.

be a light, shine it for others who are feeling dim, and in return you will glow.

xx, hbj

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