The Way I Look at Failure


Y’all. I failed. I set my sights on something that seemed so far from reach, but what I wanted more than anything. I prayed for this, wished for it, imagined myself having it – and in the end, I just didn’t get it. But it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I didn’t just expect to get what I wanted, and leave it up for the universe to come to my call… It was more or so the timing of it all. My 20 year old self would have sulked for a month or two. Blamed the situation on someone else not rising to the occasion, not doing their part. My 20 year old self might have internalized, too. Causing an internal battle between anxiety and depression, allowing this situation to become a catalyst to even bigger problems. I have been there, done that and got the not so attractive t-shirt.

But my 27 year old self knows better. She knows that failure is necessary in life. She looks at failure as a way to learn from her mistakes, her misfortune. My 27 year old self looks at failure as a stepping stone – a bridge to something greater for my life. Had I been given what I wanted I would not have had time to reflect on myself, or to become greater. I choose to look at failure as a way to redefine success — success to me now means setting my sights on something that seems incredibly impossible but having the courage, tenacity and perseverance to see myself through to the end. I know what I want now, and I know now what I need to do to get it. No stopping here folks – only growth and self development ahead.

Half the battle in life is choosing how to look at a situation. If you allow negative thoughts to cloud your mind and your judgement – there will only be room for those negative vibes. However, if you choose to use a bad situation to gain a new perspective and learn from what you are being taught – you will always be a student of life and will always have enough room in your heart for love and positivity.

Chances are you may have experienced some tough situations in your life. What have you learned from those times? If all you can say is that you learned how to be resilient, that, in itself, is worthy enough of praise! You are so much stronger than you realize. Even though we do not have control of what happens in our lives, we do have control of how we handle the outcome. Choose to gain a new perspective when you hit a road block. All it takes is a little patience, positivity and perseverance… 🙂


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