How to Make 2016 The ‘Year of You’

How to Make 2016 the ‘Year of You’

I know what you’re probably thinking…. “Ohhh man, here’s another “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!” article. Ugh – we’ve read them all, shared them all and even got the t-shirt related to every single New Year’s Resolution article. I get it, and I’m with you… However – this one’s a little different. I want to get those neurons a-snapping and encourage you to really think about how you can make 2016 the ‘Year of You’.

Let’s discuss what I mean about the ‘Year of You’, first of all. Does this mean I’m encouraging you to live a year of total and complete selfishness, only doing for “me-myself-and-I”? Hardly. What I’m suggesting is almost exactly opposite. You see, I’ve realized through the years that the only way to truly become happy is to make others smile, so that will be incorporated in this article. Another way you can work on becoming a better human is by working on your self-love! We’ll get into that a little bit later, though. Let’s get started.

Do One Thing a Month That You Love

We all get into the habit of being too busy. Chances are, if you live in America you wake up, rush to make coffee, rush to work a 8-10 hour day, rush to get home and to make it to the gym, rush to make dinner, rush to finish work or homework before bed and then rush to do it all over again day-in and day-out. What kind of life is that? In the “Year of You” 2016, I encourage you to do at least ONE thing a month that you love.

Here a few examples:
* Cook a meal for yourself and/or loved ones
* Take a walk
* Read a book (cover-to-cover in 3 weeks)
* Learn a new language
* Catch a movie in the theater by yourself

Get Out and Travel!

Anyone who knows me knows I have been bitten by the travel bug, hard. Fortunately I have a job in which I am able to travel often, however, that didn’t stop me from continuing my leisure travel. I made a New Year’s Resolution last year to visit at least one new place a month this year, and as of December I had successfully done so. So you could say that travel is a big part of my life – however, being a bajillionaire isn’t (unfortunately), so I’ve had to learn how to be a savvy traveler, pinching pennies at every corner to save and splurge where I wanted to. I may write another blog post on ways to travel on a budget, if anyone is interested… but for now I’ll give one tip – save money on the things you spend extra on on a daily basis (i.e. that Starbuck’s Mocha Latte!) Put that money in a separate account, envelope or change jar! Save up and buy that plane ticket for 3 months in advance, and continue to save for hotels & food.

Travel is one of the best gifts you can give yourself to make 2016 the “Year of You” as experiences far outweigh tangible items. Travel allows your mind to explore, experience growth outside your own town and foster a empathetic attitude towards other cultures and people. Do yourself a favor this upcoming year and GET OUT THERE and TRAVEL! You’ll thank me (and you) later.

Pay Off a Debt

This is something I am gonna make a priority in 2016: paying off debt. I may not be able to pay it ALL off, but as someone who suffers from anxiety, the thought of getting at least ONE thing paid off this year really makes my mind smile. So, as a suggestion to make this the “Year of You” 2016 Why don’t you: sit down, make a budget and save a certain amount per month with an end goal to have 100% of at least ONE account paid off by the end of 2016. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

Eliminate Negativity
If there is one thing I wish to do this year it is to eliminate everything negative in my life. With all the negative news we hear daily, the negative balances in some of our accounts and/or the negative vibes we get from some people – chances are you may be wishing to do the same thing. It is very possible for us all to be consumed by the very word ‘negativity’ this day in age. Let’s change that! When you allow yourself to view a seemingly negative situation in a positive way, you allow your mind to relax and refocus your energy on how you can better the problem.

Try thinking about these 3 things next time you find yourself in a bad situation:
1. Is this something that will affect me 5 years from now?
2. Outweigh how bad this situation is versus how bad it really can it be. Remind yourself how great you really have it, and then do something for someone else.
3. What can I learn from this situation?

Start a New Hobby
Okay, so I KNOW there is one thing you have ALWAYS wanted to do but never got the opportunity to do so. Maybe you never got the opportunity to do it because you might have been too scared to take a leap of faith, or maybe you were too “busy” to do so. Well, as your personal “kick-me-in-the-butt” blogger, it is my duty and obligation to remind you that saying that you’re too “busy” to do something is another way of hindering your self-growth and self-love. We are never too busy to carve 20 minutes a week to do something that really makes us happy.

So, this is me telling you to pick up that book you’ve always wanted to read while soaking in that bubble bath, or take that pottery class you’ve always wanted to take but have been too afraid to do so. By putting yourself in situations you’ve never had, but have always sparked your curiosity, you are allowing yourself to find your true passion. By finding your true passion you will allow yourself to grow and to glow, thus making the world a little bit of better place. You go, YOU, and you do those things! 😉

Do One Thing a Month to Give Back
This one is a fun one and you can make it creative! In 2016, I am aiming to do at least one thing a month to give back. Leave a comment below to give some suggestions for me, but this is what I so far (below). I implore you to do one of these things a month along with me:

* Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen/food bank
* Donate clothes you do not need anymore to a church/homeless shelter/Goodwill
* Have a yard sale and donate profits to a charity of choice
* Buy books off of Amazon (you can buy some as cheap as $1!) and send to a underprivileged school
* Cook a full meal and give to a homeless shelter
* Volunteer to get down and dirty and do a Habitat for Humanity local build! (

Forgive Yourself
Forgive yourself. Forgive your mistakes, forgive your mishaps, forgive your transgressions, forgive it all. 2016 is a new year, and a new opportunity for you to finally give up those feelings of ill-will towards yourself. YOU are human, you make mistakes, but you are KIND, and loving, you are thoughtful and you are so WORTH forgiving yourself.

I hope at least one person found this blog post helpful! 2016 is going to be your year full of experiences that will allow you to grow and become who you are truly supposed to be. Always lead with good intentions, foster good health, live with integrity and love unconditionally.

Wishing you all the best year yet – here’s to 2016 being the “Year of YOU”!

From my heart to yours,


  1. I love your ideas! Especially the one where you talk about starting a new hobby and picking up a new book. Do you have any ideas? I’ve already read and loved books like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, but I’m always looking for some new books and authors to look into!

    1. Hi Tamara – thanks so much for reading 🙂 I loved ‘The Good Girl’ by Mary Kubica and about to read ‘Pretty Baby’ by her now. Another good one is ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ by Jessica Knoll. I just started 1984 by George Orwell, too 🙂

      Can’t wait to check out your first post! ❤

      1. OH how fun! I’ve already read The Good Girl and Pretty Baby. I have heard of the Luckiest Girl Alive, but I will have to check it out!!! And I posted my first post. It’s not exactly how I thought I would start my blog, but I had some requests to write something like that so I did 🙂 We’ll see where it takes me!

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